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Hospitationsprogramm Frankreich (BmBF)
Date du début: 7 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 6 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project background: In cooperation with the French Department of Education and CIEP (Centre international détudes pédagogiques) there is now the possibility for the Fashion Institute Vienna in the „Castle Hetzendorf“ to take part in an international program. It’s a guest teaching internship in France, which lasts 2 weeks long. At the Fashion Institute Vienna (approximately 150 students) the languages English, German, Italian and French are being teached and the contact to international institutions as well as international cooperations and language/culture study travels are important parts of the school policy. Project goals: The aims of the projects cover the 3 components of the school reform (following H.-G. Rolff’s guidelines ) 1) Teaching development achieved through insight in the French vocational school system and the tuition. For the host school: insight through the Viennese contact person. 2) Organisation development through new contacts and possible cooperations. Also achievment of „know how“ by getting to know other school structures. (quality management, intern communication and cooperation) 3) Personnel development through new contacts (gain of motivation, exchange of methods and knowledge) Number and profile of the attendees: 1 teacher (Vienna) Subjects: French and history of art/fashion -1 contact person (Rennes) Subjects: Sports and health education + 1 teacher (Rennes). Both main participants have a high rate of openness, flexibility, professionality and joy teaching. Both teachers are skilled in the knowledge of the language of the cooperation country. Ms. Mag. Niehoff also has the ability to teach German as a foreign language as well as she is able to give information concerning the Austrian education/culture because of her subject „History of Arts/Fashion“. Description of the procedure of the project execution: First approach has already happened through Skype-successive concretion ( date of the guest visit, housing, structure of the school attendance, responsibilities, course of events,content,-textualisation/documentation is held in a PORTFOLIO. Planned activites: teaching sequences of the Austrian applied geography, small units of „German as a foreign language“, hospitation in various subjects, conversations with personnel /the head master for quality/organisation development, contacts to local companies and local potential employers, field trip/excursion, project „Students Present Their City/School“ among other things Desired results/effect and intended remaining value: Particular in fashion and in general in vocational schools international contacts are required (France, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy)-long term and permanent-and an appropriate knowledge of language of course. In the end all activities should benefit the students (in the sense of „employability“ and „citizenship“)in Vienna as well as in Rennes.



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