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HOPE-Kongress: Pädagogik bei Krankheit – Migration und Mehrsprachigkeit
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background and aims of the projectThe centre of education and counselling paedagogy at illness/autism (Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum Pädagogik bei Krankheit / Autismus or short BBZ) is currently undergoing rapid changes. The previous profile – teaching ill children and adolescents – has gradually been expanded into counselling since 2010.The reasons for this expansion can be found in the medical area as treatments get shorter and more ambulant offers even for serious, chronic diseases are at hand. On the other hand there are massive changes towards inclusive education in the school system in Hamburg.At the moment we are expanding our department of counselling and design special advisory services and chaperonage which can improve the transition from hospital or ambulant treatment back to school. By now we often provide a combination of accompanying tuition and counselling of parents, pupils and teachers. To optimise this development and to get stimulation from other schools, it is absolutely necessary to visit each other and install regular exchanges.In Germany there is no other institution that covers all these departments united at our centre under only one management. Vienna and Hamburg have a lot in common – the size of the towns are comparable, there are clinic schools at paediatrics and psychiatric clinics for children and adolescents, the counselling for autism and paedagogy at illness is developed at the Heilstättenschule as well. Therefore we welcome the opportunity to gain stimulus in Vienna. Further visits are planned.Additionally we hope to get into contact with various European schools. In Denmark there are some interesting schools for autistic pupils and corresponding counselling offers, whereas Dutch schools have totally different structures compared to ours in Hamburg. We hope to get to know both and would like to organise visits with these centres of education and counselling. The topic of migration is of increasing importance in Hamburg. It has already entered the clinics and thus our clinic schools. Here we hope to get practical help and support. And again we expect to establish contacts in order to exchange on an international basis. By way of example, at the clinic schools at the Universitätsklinik Eppendorf there are various parts where refugees are offered special treatment. • Trauma walk-in clinic (children for tomorrow)• Paediatrics (serious diseases like tuberculosis)• Ward for addicts (for opiate addicted refugees, a special ward is planned)Number and profile of the participants• Head of the BBZ• Two new heads of departments (“Clinic Schools” and “Counselling Paedagogy at Illness”)• A counsellor of the first “Back to school”-team (it stands for reintegration into school after a stay at a psychiatric clinic); she took part in the development of the concept; she is employed in further training of teachers. • A colleague from the counselling team for autistic students; he took part in the development of the concept, offers trainings at schools and at the “Institut für Lehrerfortbildung”.• A colleague from the mobile teachers’ team; he worked at clinic schools in psychiatric clinics as well as a mobile teacher; he visited several clinic schools abroad.• A colleague from a clinic school in a psychiatric clinic; she plans to install the project “Back to school” at the Universitätsklinik in year 2016/17.All the participants will function as multipliers and circulate their experiences and insights in their field of work.Description of the activities- Visit of the congress and the institutions in Vienna- Successive visits of the different departments in Vienna- Visits in Denmark (School for autistic students); possibly visits in the Netherlands (counselling concept) and Ljubljana (Refugees)- Exchange of material for counselling and further trainingLong-term benefitWe expect stimuli and ideas as well as good concepts from different countries, already evaluated or in progress. We aim at optimising our own offers.