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HOme is where they understand you: Partnering for refugees' intEgration
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project addresses the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in to Europe. This project aims to equip youth workers of partner organizations with the necessary skills, understanding and knowledge to enable them to support and offer quality services to the this target group. This project has a strong intercultural mediation contingent; building tolerance, understanding and respect among participants, organizations and the countries involved in the project.By working in partnership with the 11 programme and partner organizations from Ireland, Italy, Albania, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia, Germany and Greece we will recruit a diverse group of 30 youth workers and 4 team members to participate in a 5 day seminar in October 2016 in Tirana, Albania and to relay their learnings back to their organizations and their service users. Partner organizations will be asked to select at least one disadvantaged, refugee or migrant candidate for the seminar this will ensure the group is as diverse and inclusive as possible, while contributing to the intercultural learning of the project. In addition, VSI and PVN will oversee and co-ordinate the application process in partnership with the other organizations to ensure there is a varied demographic and level of experience across the board. The only criteria that will be required of all participants will be tolerance, respect for different cultures and nationalities, openness to learning and sharing and a commitment to the cause at national and European level. The seminar will adopt non-formal methods of teaching, encouraging participants to contribute to the seminar as much as possible. We will use brain-storming, role play, personal/group reflection, debates and activities in a bid to inspire interaction, group learning and intercultural sharing throughout the seminar The seminar will explore the broader field of migration as well as specifically refugees and asylum seekers. We will discuss refugees and migration through relevant human rights conventions, refugees and migration and the EU and migration in the individual partnering countries. Although we will facilitate some of the more theoretical knowledge sharing such as relevant human rights conventions, the vast majority of knowledge sharing will be done through the participants’ own knowledge from their countries, best practice services and their individual perspective, with trainers facilitating this. The seminar will also offer concrete ways to objectively assess the needs of refugees in the individual countries as well as providing concrete steps to address these needs. The seminar will also include guest speakers from various civil society groups and public institutions, giving the participants the opportunities to draw parallels with the theoretical discussions of the group and the reality for organizations working on this issue. By involving a diverse group of nationalities, ages and backgrounds; sharing their experiences working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, the very nature of this project will also likely challenge the participants’ understanding of different nationalities and instil in them tolerance and respect for others from different nationalities and cultures. The project aims to increase the knowledge and understanding of the participants to enable them to reach out to young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and to support their integration in to European societies, to improve their ability to provide quality youth work and to increase the capacity of their organizations to contribute to integration of young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.



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