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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BACKGROUND of the PROJECT to promote and enhance intercultural competence and foreign language communication skills for the hospitality in the northwest of Brandenburg, due to the increased number of international guests, Expansion of existing contacts with ,hotels, restaurants and butcher`s shops in Normandy expertise stimuli for training / activities of all participants (students and instructors) Aims of the PROJECT: For students * To learn skills of French cuisine and charcuterie, * Enhancement of language and intercultural knowledge * Improving self-esteem and learning of social behavior in the group * Motivation and innovation for the chosen profession * Contacts for future work abroad Trainers/Instructors * Get to know and compare new teaching,methods to achieve the internationalization of educational institutions * Strengthening intercultural competence, foreign language communication skills and training * Discover subject-related products and dishes of the region and the country * Be a multiplier for the knowledge acquired NUMBER AND PROFILE OF The PARTICIPANTS: 16 students (Cooks / chefs, waiters, waitresses, hotel specialists commis, assistant cooks, helpers in the hospitality industry, as well as butchers and shop assistants in a butcher`s shop 4 trainers in the field of nutrition and housekeeping ACTIVITIES: students: Work in catering establishments and at butcher`s shops Visit of hotel school and food producers and markets Visit of historically relevant places in the Basse-Normandie Excursions, leisure activities, visit of Paris Trainers Jobshadowing in catering establishments and at butcher`s shops internship in a hotel school of several days' duration Visits and tastings in food-producing large farms and factories Visit of historically relevant places in the Basse-Normandie Excursions, leisure activities, visit of Paris PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION: 2 Group assignment (If necessary, single posting) After selection procedure: Subscriber contract signings, learning agreement, supplemental agreement Preparatory program.: Language course, intercultural training, travel advice, help with visa application, the conclusion of important insurances by promoters Abroad: Working in catering establishments ( motel, restaurant and 4 star hotels) Monitoring and troubleshooting by contact person Accompanied excursions and activities Final event in the host country Obtain certificates from the promoters and the Euro mobility pass in an official celebration Final evaluation in Germany EXPECTED RESULTS / EFFECTS / LONG-TERM BENEFITS: Effect for the participating students and training staff: 1. International deepening of previously gained knowledge as an apprentice / teacher / trainer 2. Increase the attractiveness of the training in the catering and the butchery 3. Strengthening the personal abilities and skills by working with international experience 4. greater personal involvement in learning other languages 5. overcoming any existing shyness in dealing with foreign cultures and people from other cultures 6. eradicate any existing xenophobic prejudices 7. Strengthening the willingness to mobility in Europe 8. Strengthening European thinking and discussion of the historical events of D-Day 9. International orientation of Oberstufenzentrum Ostprignitz-Ruppin 10. Strengthening of regional tourism market 11. Forming new networks



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