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HLW Linz-Auhof going Europe
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background of the project: HLW Linz-Auhof is a school providing vocational education and is divided into two kids of schools (vocational school for economic business and professional school for economic business), which offers in addition to general education and economic education, consolidated knowledge in the range of hotel industry and gastronomy. The curriculum of HLW prescribes a 12 weeks lasting internship between the 3rd and the 4th year. This internship should take place in an economic, administrative, touristy or nutritional establishment, whereat the curriculum as well as school recommends passing the internship abroad. The realisation of international projects is encouraged and supported by the headmaster, because the knowledge of foreign languages und the linguistic encouragement within the occupational education is very important. In order to ensure high class quality in usage and imparting linguistic knowledge of foreign languages, it is necessary to train the educationalists and secretary appropriately. Objectives of the project, aspired achievements, impacts and expected long-term advantage: • Further education and improvement of personal linguistic and method competence for the participants, increasing the confidence in communicating in spoken and written Italian or French • Learning foreign languages including cultural knowledge of Italy and France respectively enables genuine learning of different languages • Extension of personal perception as well as open-mindedness and tolerance in the face of other, different cultures with simultaneous protection of the own cultural identity • Better preparation, support and attendance for pupils before and during their internship abroad • Participants are able to hand their documents, acquired knowledge and experience on to their colleagues • Participants are able to socialise with other teachers from different schools in foreign countries during their stay. School partnership cause steady exchange of information among the participants of the language course • Personal experience can be handed on to colleagues by participants and then other people can be motivated to join such a language course or advanced training in the following year • Also secretary and non-teaching-personnel should have the possibility to join language courses and advanced trainings in order to convey the importance and necessity of learning foreign languages to pupils. Description of activity, number and profile of participants: One secretary would successfully complete an intensive Italian language course in summer 2015 in Italy, lasting for 2 weeks. Another secretary would successfully attend a standard French language course in France, lasting for 1 week.