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Highly-accurate/reliable WT test demonstration of low-noise innovative MLG configuration (ARTIC)
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The objective of the activity under this CfP is the test of a full-scale Main Landing Gear fuselage-mounted architecture sized for a high-wing regional aircraft configuration in a Wind Tunnel facility. This proposal considers a complete architecture including all necessary features from an aeroacoustic point of view including: gear struts, wheel pack, bay cavity and doors, fairings and portion of fuselage.A low noise technology shall be investigated following a selection process to be completed within GRA activities. The concept of an acoustic mirror shall be developed resulting in a design which will enable accurate far field sound measurements via a sectioned model with an acoustic reflector on the half plane. The consortium will design and manufacture a modular full-scale mock-up of the MLG integrating low-noise devices as indicated from the GRA ITD Member. The model shall be modular in order to test both the baseline and the low-noise MLG architecture with one or both gear legs.Advanced aero-acoustic measures including partial coherence techniques, orthogonal beam forming and deconvolution beam forming will be utilized to fully assess the noise emission of the landing gear. These techniques will quantify the source distribution, mechanisms of noise reduction and provide an innovative tool for use in aeroacoustic problems of this nature.ARTIC has put together a consortium which comprises of one of Europe's most distinguished Universities, a Research Institute in aeronautics of international renown and an SME with specific competence in aerospace design, manufacturing and structural analysis. All partners have participated and delivered in EU projects, in some cases extensively including coordination. In addition, subcontracting will be given to the only aeroacoustic wind tunnel company in Europe capable to perform these tests.


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