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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project addressed Italian Master’s and PhD degree students in pharmacy, chemistry, biology, biotechnologies, in 8 Italian university. The Consortium was coordinated by Sapienza University of Rome and counted on the support of the Noopolis Foundation, a not for profit body with extensive experience in career orientation and counselling in the relevant scientific field. The project was based on a network including 49 research centers (public and private) leader in chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological research from 9 European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark), that offered 183 possibilities of training positions to the selected students. Traineeships had an average duration of 5 months. The proposal continued the action started during 10 previous projects within the Leonardo da Vinci programme and the previous Erasmus + project that have attained the aim to improve the skills and competences of the participants through an internship in leading European research centres. The experience acquired in previous project has allowed to improve management quality and the integration of activities among the Consortium’s partners. Candidates were selected on the basis of highly competitive criteria, fixed through a public call open during 3 months and addressed to students in their last year or Phd from the partner universities. Several activities of disseminations of the call and of information to the potential candidates were undertaken during the whole period. The high number of qualified European host institutions and of available working programs aimed at allowing each candidate to pursue her/his training coherently with her/his background, thus ensuring the greatest effectiveness of the placement. Working programs were matched with the participants according to the preferences they expressed, as long as well motivated, and to a careful evaluation of their CVs and of their personal competences and skills. During the placement the participants were directly engaged in the research projects offered by the host centers, and had the possibility to increase their theoretical and practical competences, to acquire new technical and scientific skills and to use state-of-the-art instruments and technologies. The interaction with a qualified team of researchers of different nationalities and formation allowed them to develop their relational and teamwork skills, to confront themselves with different approaches, to improve their oral and written knowledge of the English language and possibly of a second European language. The project provided the participants with professional preparation, information and practical support before their departure and during the placement. The monitoring of formative activities was assured through the interaction between the Scientific Coordinator of the Project, the tutors and the participants. The placement will be validated through the use of Europass-Mobility for all participants. Furthermore, the trainees sent a detailed scientific report, produced under the supervision of her/his tutor and undersigned by the host centre. The main aim of the project (encouraging top Italian students in the selected fields to start a scientific career in basic research) was attained. A placement in a cutting edge centre has confirmed to be a fundamental experience, as it allows participants to test their motivation and capacities and prepare them to enter the research labor market in Italy and abroad. The results of previous Unipharma-Graduates projects have shown that the references and competences acquired by the participants during the placement have been in most cases essential to begin a scientific career, both in research and in industry.