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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context The LycéeAngellier students enrolled in the two-year European course in international trade are required to do an internship (minimum eight weeks) in a foreign company to perform business-to-business or business-to-distributor client prospection operations. Objectives To acquire and improve their professional skills in a genuine work situation To increase their knowledge of a foreign professional and employment situation. Number and type of students 9 First Year students benefited from the Erasmus+ framework for their internship which took place from May 2nd to July 1st 2016. Description of the tasks fulfilled Prospection mission (business-to-business or business-to-distributor) : • Identification and selection of the targets along the specific features of foreign markets • Evaluation of the current customers • Organisation of the prospection and the communication with potential clients • Analysis, evaluation and follow-up of the prospection • Building-up, management and updating of a relevant, multicultural network of contacts • Communication with the prospects • Awareness of the cultural differences in the business world Results and impact The nine Erasmus+ students succeeded in developing the skills mentioned above in good conditions. The help from the OLS language platform prepared them for their stay in a foreign country and for their integration in a different team and in an alien culture. The two months they spent as interns were a very enriching experience on a personal, cultural and professional level, and it made them want to reiterate such an experience in the course of their further studies.