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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The European and international policy of the Lyon National School of Architecture combines 3 actions: - Student mobility; - Teaching Staff mobility; - Structuring projects involving research and training. Student mobility At the Lyon National School of Architecture student mobility is carried out at the master level only, mainly during the first year. So, our outgoing exchange students may enrich their education by taking advantage of the specialities of our partner universities by attending lectures which are not or barely offered in Lyon. Conversely, incoming exchange students benefit from a range of lectures suited to their expectations since they can choose among 8 fields of study. Each field of study is made up of a design studio and a seminary: - History and heritage; - Architecture, atmospheres and construction cultures; - Advanced architectural strategies and practices; - Architecture, the city and the suburbs; - Architecture, forms and transformations; - The factory; - Architecture, innovation processes and practices; - Ethics and technical construction design. The Master 1 is our international year, also for our regular students staying in Lyon since they work and live with a bunch of international students coming from our partner universities. In order to make this melting pot easier, incoming exchange students are dispatched the same way as regular students in the various fields of study. In addition the following elements are also taken into account: - Each field of study has the same balance of incomings; - For students, staying for a full academic year, there is a comprehensive view. If they do not obtain their first choice for the autumn semester, we give priority to them for the spring semester; - A mix of the nationalities and origins is sought to avoid having all the students from the same Institution/country grouped together. Teaching staff mobility Teaching staff mobility supplements mainly our student mobility policy since teachers build their mobility projects in the framework of pedagogic partnerships. These mobilities are mostly performed by teachers in charge of the academic supervision of exchange students. They are members of the Student Mobility Monitoring Group. Some of them are requested as experts in connection with their research works. The teaching staff mobilities are aimed at the following: - Meeting academic partners and networking to strengthen our cooperation; - Delivering seminaries and lectures on our partners’ request in connection with their own pedagogic or/and research activities; - Building partnership of large scope in the framework of preparatory visits leading to structuring projects. The gradual development of structuring projects including both academic and research matters Our mobility policy now concerns nearly half the students enrolled in the first year of the master. Regarding our resources it constitutes a peak we want to maintain for the moment. This situation is expected to change in the coming years in keeping with the 5 above mentioned principles: - Enhancing pedagogical projects lead by teachers; - Involving students and enriching their education; - Developing large scope cooperation with the concerned partners; - Raising funds to perform the actions successfully; - Arousing scientific and PhD projects alongside with teaching projects. Given the difficulty and the time needed to develop this kind of project, we give a priority to our current partners, but we do not close the door to new partnerships in so far as they can boast a sufficient academic level including both pedagogic and scientific concerns, right from the beginning. From September 2015 we are in the process of building an alliance with the Engineering School “INSA de Lyon” to pave the way for a polytechnic School. This alliance will boost our structuring cooperation projects which will have to be in line with the priorities of the following institutions: - The Lyon National School of Architecture; - The Engineering School “INSA de Lyon”; - The Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region which has developed a privileged relationships with some foreign “regions” around the world. - The Lyon university network which builds in-depth cooperation with a range of universities abroad.