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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Simone Ortega is a public center that gives the educations belonging to Hotel and Catering Business and Tourism. At present, we have 800 pupils and an educational equipment formed by 50 teachers convinced of the need to improve the linguistic competition of our students. The School has developed a mobility project of 16 months duration for 6 students of second course of High Technician Degree of Kitchen and Gastronomy, Catering and Management of Tourist Housings. The partner is EUROSTARS HOTELS, with which the School supports a professional relation for years, with has signed agreements for sending school students. We expect to obtain positive direct and tangible results in the whole EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITY implied with our School, so that the experiences of mobility allow: - Knowledge of the opportunities of formation abroad offered by the program Erasmus+. - To aware the participants that the new program will facilitate the skills necessary for the transition of the area of the education and the formation to the labor market - To increase the positive perception towards the program, so that it could increase the potential number of participants in the same one. - New partners interested in taking part in the new Program. Direct impact on the PARTICIPANTS: - Technical and professional Skills in his professional sector (" Hard skills ") - social Skills, TIC and linguistics (" Soft skills "). - Improvement of the formation of the derivative professorship of this one I exchange positive of experiences, which it will revert on the student body. - Knowledge of other educational systems and of work. -Transversal skills (Leadership, felxibility, matureness...) Long-term benefits: 1. To develop the level of competitions and professional skills of our student body and professorship, emphasizing in the importance of the mobility to do of gangplank between the education, the formation and the labor world. 2. Aquirement of technician - professional, linguistic knowledge, personal aptitudes and professional qualification of quality that the already obtained at out VET School. 3. To facilitate a social, linguistic and technical opportunity to integrate our student body and teachers in a sociocultural different area. 4. To promote between our students and professorship on the importance of the learning along the life to European level across the mobility.