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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Higher School of Economic and Social Sciences in Ostroleka (WSES) managed to achieve the quantitative and qualitative goals of the project. All students and employees have equal access to the recruitment process. Promoting international mobility within the Erasmus+ by the Rector, the coordinator and other co-workers, among others, resulted in foreign practices realization by 7 students and 1 graduate. Within the POWER project WSES managed to carry out the following mobilities: 3 outgoing students in a difficult financial situation participated in studies abroad and 1 student with disabilities participated in foreign practices. Participation in the foreign practices within the Erasmus+ has enabled students to pass mandatory practices. WSES recognized to the participants the number of credits, which they gain at foreign university in according to their Transcripts of Records.Foreign mobility was for all students an attractive diversion of the studies at WSES. Students returned satisfied, with an interesting experience, the new knowledge and skills. They expressed they will to participate in similar projects. Similar results have been achieved with regard to the mobility of workers. WSES has realized on EU funding one mobility of a teacher to conduct classes abroad and 5 mobilities of employees for training in foreign organization. Employees also took part in mobility for training purposes with zero EU funding. Employees, after their return, share experiences with other team members. The visits at foreign universities and businesses are attractive diversion of our personnel work. Within the mobilities under the Erasmus+ employees establish relations with representatives of European organizations, with which then WSES is trying to establish greater cooperation. Foreign mobilities, in addition to providing growth opportunities for our employees, offer the chance to learn more about potential partners. Relationships built by the participants served WSES as a basis in the process of creating international research projects and staff improvement projects in our region. Participation in the exchange of employees gives our employees the opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge in an international environment, inspires to broaden the knowledge of a foreign language and learns to move freely in multicultural Europe.