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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 30 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This has been our first Erasmus+ Project. Thanks to it, we have been able to send abroad students and teachers, opening our doors to the foreign countries. The students have done their internship program (which is compulsory for them when they are finishing their studies) within several enterprises in France and Malta. Besides the students, two teachers have enjoyed the stay in two countries, one of them in France doing a five-day observation period, and the other one in The Netherlands following an "e-book creation" seminar. Our reference languages are English and French. The project has also forced us to seek partners in other countries and build relationships with other schools engaging with them a reciprocal relationship that allows us to send and receive students without an intermediary agency to facilitate the search for companies and accommodation places we do not know . In the case of Malta, however, we have not yet matured an equivalent relationship, despite our effort, with a school that allows us to avoid the need of an Agency. The internal project management has been tough and plenty of unexpected difficulties. The information and documentation that must be controlled in the Erasmus + project is extremely wide and although we have the national website SEPIE and we have participated in conferences and seminars given by the National Agency, everything has been quite complicated. Now, two years later and with two projects running and two others about to be granted, we feel safer in handling information, we feel we control more whole process, but still, we have there is a long while to learn before we feel totally secure about everything. Besides all of that, as regards the interaction with external elements not directly related internal management, we have also had some difficulties which will be described later. In summary, the good experiences lived by both students and teachers under the Erasmus + project, and the hard work of those who are involved in project to make it happen, make us feel proud and encourage us to go on. In any case, we find essential that the Educational Authority recognize in our working hours schedule the the necessary time to carry out all tasks required by the project.