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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project No. 2014-1-RO01-KA103-000205 , implemented by Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava (USV) - Romania (RO SUCEAVA01) is a project included in Key Action 1 - Mobility of individuals and it supported the following activities: - student mobility for study (SMS) and traineeeship (SMP); - staff mobility for teaching (STA) and training (STT). The participants were USV's students and staff (teaching and non-teaching). The project total durate was 16 months (01st June 2014 - 30th September 2015). In the frame of this project were realized 173 mobilities as follows: 61 student mobilities for studies (SMS), 23 student mobilities for traineeship (SMP), 32 staff mobilities for teaching (STA), 57 mobilities for training (STT). In an ongoing and rapidly changing environment, USV aims to value the international experiences of its students and staff, in order to contribute to an academic community capable to adapt to the global changes and which trains future employees competitive on the international labor markets. Thant's why the Erasmus Policy is part of the Internationalization Strategy of the USV, student mobility, staff mobility, partnership and cooperation and internationalization at home being the first four areas of this strategy. The long term benefits of this project are: - improving the quality and relevance of the higher education delivered by USV, through enhance the professional experience of students and teaching staff. This will lead to the enhance of the employment rate of our graduates on the labour market; - increasing the cooperation in education and research with partners from all over the Europe; - increasing the international character of the curriculum for all three level of study ( Bachelor, Master, Doctoral studies); - extending the Erasmus agreement to other types of international cooperation activities: research partnerships and projects, joint degree or double degree programmes s.o.; - improving the quality of the campus life through enhancing the quality of administrative services for students.