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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project falls within the policy of our center to promote international relations and the experiences of our students abroad. 10 years ago we started performing mobilities Erasmus and Leonardo and we have not ceased to make them since then. Despite being a small center, around 450 students, during these 10 years more than 100 of our students have performed their training in any other EU country.The project was conceived for 6 students of Higher Vocational Training of Tourism and Informatics, 1 student of DAW (Web Application Design), 1 student of ASIR (Administration of Computer Systems and Networks), 2 students of AVGE (Travel Agencies and Event Management) and 2 students of GIAT (Tourist Guiding, Information and Assistance). Our partners have been two schools, one in Berlin and another in Bordeaux, and two companies of the tourism sector, one in Dublin and the other in Amsterdam. At the same time it was intended that students should be incorporated into another culture, learn another language and acquire skills for personal autonomy as well as being aware of the common European space. We believe that the objectives have been amply fulfilled since the degree of satisfaction of the students and of our partners has been high. The training and activities carried out have been the following: DAW Design and development of web pages Using standard tools Validation and optimization of code ASIR Realization of a touch radio that works through the internet and has a graphical interface using a raspberry PI. Operating system installation and configuration of network Configuration and update the graphical interface with Python AVGE Activities of the Travel Agencies: sale of tourist products, consulting, management of computer programs (Amadeus). GIAT Accompaniment of groups on tours, explanations on the different tourist places of the city, administrative tasks and scheduling. The benefits to the students have been evident since they have returned with a very clear idea of how people work in Europe and of the seriousness that is expected of their workers. They have also considered an interesting experience their integration in the life of the different cities during these 12 weeks, people from different countries who they have known and personal independence gained. One of the results more valued by the students who have worked in France and Germany is the improvement in the use of the working language (French and English). Internships in Europe always involve an improvement in their CV that can make a difference at the time to get a job.