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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Erasmus+ Exchange possibilities have always been the basis for the internationalisation work at the University of Gävle (UoG), ever since the beginning of the implemetation of interenationalisation. The Erasmus programme is well known to the staff and students.The fact that the programme is so complete and covers possibilities for both students and staff means that there were no doubts on that we should continue to apply for the programme to be able to use all the possibilities in it. One of the objectives for having the Erasmus exchange is to keep a steady exchange possibility at the UoG, and this we have succeeded with. Another objective was to raise the numbers of outgoing students. Unfortunately, during the run of this project we met the challenge of a huge re-organisation, where the International Office was split, reduced in number of staff and also sick leaves. This is the explaination to why we have not been able to increase the outgoing mobility numbers in the way we had set up goals for. This also explains why we have not had the possibilities to do follow-ups on exchanges to the extent we wished for, for examle to push the students more to send in their evaluation forms , to encourage more students do an exchange or to work harder on getting more students to do traineeships abroad. Fortunately enough several, changes to the better has already been made, the Institutional International Strategy is about to be re-newed and the organisation of the International Office is looked over at mangement level. An internationalisation project at one of the faculties that aims to find better structures and increase the number om all types of mobilities has started, and the results will be possible to be used for the whole University. The students generally seems satisfied with their Exchanges but there are several things that can be improved, particulary concerning the ourgoing students. This has been noticed, and this means that the Erasmus programme is has an impact in our routines and how we work to meke them better. To integrate international students in the Courses at the UoG enhances the quality of the education and adds new and different perspectives for both incoming students and the home University students. Teachers and staff are also effected by doing Exchanges themselves and by meeting incoming students and colleagues. An increased interest in Exchanges has been noticed in the way more questions has come in to the International Office and as a direct effect of more marketing by the Exchange possibilities, and we are looking forward to seeing this in larger Exchange numbers in the years to come. We intend to work a lot more with traineeships and grow the numbers a lot, as this has been an area getting very Little attention.