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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

University West recognizes the importance of international cooperation. Our ambition is to attain quality and multitude in our mobility activites in order to provide excellent possibilities for international experience and competence for both students and staff. We also strive to create a window in our programmes to allow for a semester abroad. This is done to avoid an interruption in the studies and instead incorporate the foreign studies. Our focus is to build strong, qualitative and long-term relationships with European institutions within mutual subject areas as ours, with the intention to develop a variety of operational opportunities on educational and/or research level. These are qualities we look for when choosing partners. Thus University West strives for academically balanced Erasmus partnerships and encourage deeper and/or wider collaboration with those partner universities that offer academic opportunities that matches our programs. We aim to be a reliable, valuable and trustworthy partner to our partner universities. Our objective is to build strong, qualitative and long-term relationships with European institutions within mutual subject areas as ours. In order to do so we encourage our departments to know their partner universities and the cooperation intentions in the agreements well enough to know what exchange opportunities could be promoted to and used by both students and teaching staff. To be aware of the Erasmus partner agreements and the collaborative opportunities that they offer enables us to improve quality and increase the scope and multitude of our international cooperation with partners in order to create reliable partnerships with a balanced and well used exchange flow for students and staff to benefit from. We try to focus on staff that has not yet tried an exchange and promote guest lecturing at a partner university for those who are interested. Our main focus has been set to students in first cycle and will remain so. However, in the future we aim to increase relevant mobility opportunities for students in second and third cycle in order to add a crucial international edge to the research area. We also plan to extend our collaboration with a few of our non-EU HEI’s partners to Erasmus cooperation. Together with a French partner University West offer a double degree. Students from University West attend business courses at the partner institution and vice versa for two semesters during their last academic year on Bachelor’s level. During this year they produce their thesis work and obtain a double degree. Yet another double degree is under discussion that involves one of our non-EU partner. Another objective is to increase the number of outgoing students in order to give as many students as possible the chance to get international experience to better prepare them for a demand for international knowledge and experience on the job market. The number of outgoing students at UW is steadily raising and we use the returning student to promote Erasmus exchange by sharing their experience with the new outbound students to be. Our mobility objectives are targeted both towards incoming and outgoing students and staff. We have tried to grow our number of outgoing students by finding new ways to reach out to them. We arrange more promotion activities at more varied times than before. This enables more students to participate and get information to process about exchange possibilities. We follow up constantly during the semester before application deadline so that the students can find support for their ideas for possible exchange during preparation of the application. This year mobility activities has been more visible throughout the campus and in the class rooms. All these minor changes to how we used to work has led to a greater interest and awareness for Erasmus exchange. We invite teachers from our partners to visit our campus in order to get to know UW and the opportunities we offer more in detail, and also to bring a taste of internationalization to the students that for various reasons don´t take the opportunity to study abroad. Our intention is to deepen collaboration with some of our partners to double degree. We have a double degree cooperation today with a French partner university that works well, but are also working with a few more partners towards the same type of solution but in different subject areas.