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Higher education student and staff mobility project
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Erasmus+ is a well-established programme at the University of Passau for the support of student and staff mobility within Europe. Several degree programmes (e. g. the Bachelor’s programmes International Cultural and Business Studies, European Studies and European Studies Major as well as the Master’s programme North and Latin American Studies) have an integrated study or internship abroad period. As a consequence, a great number of students have spent a study or internship period abroad during project period 2014. The majority of Passau students chose to spend their compulsory or voluntary period abroad within the programme Erasmus+. In addition, several double degree programmes with European partner universities led to student exchange which could be funded by Erasmus+. Furthermore, the University of Passau offers several subject-specific language programmes that motivate students to spend some time abroad. Erasmus+ student mobility for studies (SMS), based on inter-institutional agreements, has simplified the organisation of student exchange in great ways. As a result, 337 students got the chance to spend one or two semesters at a European partner institution during the project period 2014. Many of them would not have been able to undertake their studies abroad without the funding of Erasmus+ and the tuition fee waiver. The positive feedback from participants inspired prospective participants to apply for Erasmus+, so the interest in the programme is still increasing. Regarding student mobility for placement (SMP), Erasmus+ facilitated the handling of the mobilities and the financial support for the participants. Their positive feedback also motivated prospective participants to take part in the programme. Within the project 2014, 58 students were able to do internships abroad, supported by Erasmus+. There is also growing interest among Passau students to participate in SMP. Erasmus+ staff mobility becomes more and more popular at the University of Passau, as well. During the project period 2014, 15 teaching staff mobilites (STA) supported by Erasmus+ were accomplished. Thus, Passau academics were able to gain international experience from which they can also benefit later on when they are teaching and consulting students. Furthermore, three staff mobilities for training (STT) were carried out to strengthen the relationships with European partner institutions, to broaden the professional horizon of the participants and to expand their intercultural and linguistic expertise.