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High temperature Ni-based super alloy casting process advancement (HITECAST)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2012, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Reduction of the fuel consumption and emission of nitrous oxide by jet engines is a priority of the EU ACARE SRA 2020 objectives. The development of an environmentally friendly aircraft engine considers using lightweight and efficient turbine components. It will have great impact on reduction of pollution and fuel consumption.The aim of the project is to establish and improve castability and weldability of HAYNES® 282 alloy which is enabler material for manufacturing a lightweight turbine exhaust case with higher work temperature in comparison with the actual fabrication based on IN718 alloy. Two approaches can be considered to abate the castability and weldability problems of cast wrought nickel alloys – by modifying: a) chemistry of the alloy and b) casting and welding process parameters. In order to improve castability and weldability for HAYNES® 282 – an enabler for turbine exhaust case, the following objectives have been defined:1.Development of numerical simulator of casting process to support the experimental activities and support interpretation of the experimental results.2.Experimental studies of castability limit parameters for HAYNES® 282 alloy3.Development of the casting process technology challenging the limitation of the minimum wall thickness of 2 mm.4.Optimizing the casting process parameters and post casting heat treatment for improving the weldability of the cast parts.5.Demonstration of the capacity of the developed technology by casting a componentThe project consists of 24-month duration and is structured in 5 technical WPs and 1 addressing management and coordination activities, perfectly linked with the concept of project (modeling, fundamental research and industrial trials).The consortium consists of engine manufacturer (WSKRZ) and 2 technical universities (WUT and RUT). Such a structured consortium will provide complex expertise abilities of designing, modeling and experimental trial possibilities on the industrial scale."



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