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"High resolution monitoring, real time visualization and reliable modeling of highly controlled, intermediate and up-scalable size pilot injection tests of underground storage of CO2" (TRUST)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2012, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"TRUST aims at conducting CO2 injection experiments at scales large enough so that the output can be extrapolated at industrial scales. It relies on four sites: the heavily instrumented sites of Heletz (Israel, main site) and Hontomin (Spain), access Miranga (Brazil) and the emerging site in the Baltic Sea region. The objectives are to: carry out CO2 injection with different strategies, displaying characteristics representative of the large scale storage and with injection volumes that will produce extrapolable reservoir responses; Develop, use and implement characterization and MMV technologies for maximized safety and minimized risks, including real time visualization of the CO2 containment and detection of possible failures; Develop optimal injection strategies that maintain realistic figures of injectivity, and capacity while simultaneously optimizing the use of energy; Detect and mitigate CO2 leakage at an abandoned well; Produce comprehensive datasets for model verification and validation; Improve the predictive capacity and performance of computational models, as well as their capability to handle uncertainty and thermo-hydro-mechanical and chemical phenomena at different scales (at the scale of the experiments) and upscaling (extrapolation to industrial scale) simulations; Address critical non-scientific issues of public acceptance, community participation, communication, dissemination, liabilities and prepare templates for the preparation and application of injection licenses and communication with regulators; Establish on-site facilities for analysis of monitoring and measurement, providing training and capacity building; Address the risk assessment in a meaningful way; Prepare a platform for the exploitation of project findings and for knowledge and information sharing with planned, large scale, CCS projects. Allow open access to sites, and seek cooperation with large scale CO2 injection projects both at the European and International levels."



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