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High quality typical fish production - Enhancement of high quality typical fish production in the Venetian province and in the Slovenian coastal area
Date du début: 30 nov. 2003, Date de fin: 29 juin 2005 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project aims at enhancing one of the most important fish-producing areas: the Upper Adriatic. The province of Venice plays a major role here both for sea and for lagoon production. Yet, all these kinds of production are going through a difficult economic phase which has gradually marginalized them: their suitable enhancement therefore could propound once more to the public at large the Upper Adriatic gastronomic traditions, thus relaunching the local fish economy. This project will carry out bibliographic and archives research, drawing up an inventory of the most important fish production in the Venetian province and on the Slovenian coast, and highlighting the peculiarity and quality of the local products. For each of the productions with characteristics suitable to the project, a data sheet will be drawn up bearing the Latin and the popular denominations used in the Upper Adriatic area. A short history of the methods and time of production will also be written, describing the scale of production in the various fleets fishing in the Gulf of Venice, the most usual methods of preservation and processing of the product, the marketing routes and the most common or peculiar recipes, possibly indicating the way to adjust the use of the product to modern cuisine. In order to enhance the typical fish production, some informative meetings will be organized, such as an event in cooperation with the municipality of Venice (in the framework of another project cofinanced by the Community Initiative Programme INTERREG IIIA Italy-Slovenia) and a joint meeting in the Slovenian town of Izola - Isola. All the documents collected during the project (writings and images) will be gathered in a CD-Rom and distributed to tourist operators, farmhouse accommodations and restaurants, as well as to the local public authorities interested in this topic.



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