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High Performance Work Practices for competitive SMEs in aviation sector
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Europe is a reference in the global aerospace sector, with an extremely innovative aviation industry, responsible for the incorporation of new materials, technological processes and new work organization methods to enhance quality, safety, workers involvement, gender equality and better working conditions. Despite Europe’s leading position as a whole, there are remarkable differences in the participation of each European country in the aerospace industry. While Member-States and several EU initiatives seek to minimize these differences, they still persist and represent a challenge especially for SMEs of countries where the aerospace sector is less expressive. In this context, managing human resources is key to sustain the competitive position of this industry; the problem of skills mismatch and skills utilisation should be addressed from the perspective of enterprises. The HiPAir project - High Performance Work Practices for competitive SMEs in aviation sector - addresses the need for better human resources management skills in aviation SMEs. The project aims at stimulating higher effectiveness of skills utilization in aviation SMEs, using the latest developments in High Performance Work Practices (HPWP) and best practices within the sector. Capitalizing on previously acquired knowledge, HiPAir includes research of the most recent and successful work practices, testing and demonstration of novel solutions, as well as new methods and tools, which might later be integrated into regional, national or European polices /innovation systems and which also can be transferred beyond the aviation sector. The strategic objectives of this project are: - to reduce skills mismatches in the aviation sector, especially those connected to the competences of managers of SMEs of countries where the aeronautics industry is less representative, leading to a more efficient management of the workforce; - to promote High Performance Work Practices for competitive SMEs in the aviation sector by developing innovative approaches and tools which will increase the efficiency of public investments in VET addressed at the aviation sector; - to develop transversal skills of VET learners of the aerospace sector using innovative methods that imply a high engagement of learners, active participation in the learning process and effective conditions for future collaboration. This Strategic Partnership is composed of seven organizations from four countries, all sharing the common goals of overcoming the skills mismatches, rising skills utilisation and contributing for a more prepared workforce in the European aerospace sector with positive outcomes for their national contexts and for Europe. Project partners represent a variety of organisations from Poland (coordinator), Portugal, Spain and Turkey: VET providers, associations representing national aerospace clusters, one university and companies specialised in SME support and human resources for the aeronautics industry. HiPAir’s methodology applies innovative approaches and resources to provide SME managers with HPWP implementation tools including: updated information and best practices of HPWP, training materials in transversal skills, resources for collaboration among stakeholders of different countries. The main Intellectual Outputs of the project are: O1: REPORT ABOUT HPWP IN THE AVIATION SECTOR: knowledge and evidence of the HPWP effectiveness and identification of existing and future training needs. O2: TRAINING MATERIALS ABOUT HPWP IN AVIATION SMES: training curricula/materials addressed at aeronautics SMEs managers concerning HPWP. O3: HPWP IMPLEMENTATION ROADMAP: measures and tools supporting implementation of HPWP in aviation SMEs to ensure high level of involvement and cooperation throughout the project and for the future. HiPAir will also organise blended learning activities for VET learners, including a “train-the-trainer” programme for 9 VET learners from Poland, Portugal and Turkey. Participants will acquire knowledge and skills enabling them to effectively implement HPWP training and support SMEs. In this way, a powerful multiplier effect will be initiated and the sustainability of the project results will be ensured. The project will promote the direct involvement of hundreds of SME managers, VET providers, experts, sectoral organisations and other relevant stakeholders from partner countries and beyond in activities such as: survey, multiplier events, evaluation and validation activities, action plan for the implementation of High Performance Work Practices. HiPAir will carry out specific activities dedicated to exploitation and sustainability, as these aspects are key to ensure a wide impact of the project’s results and are also often a fragility of European projects. The project’s methodology and objectives were designed to ensure that the outputs will remain available the results can be easily used, transferred and adapted to other contexts.



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