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HIgh performance MAss market GNSS receiver muLti stAndard readY for mArket (HIMALAYA)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2009, Date de fin: 30 juin 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The activity is focused on the design and development of a ""ready-to-market"" single chip GNSS mass marketreceiver for GPS, EGNOS and GALILEO signals.Based on the wide expertise of STM in building high performance, ultra low power consumption receivers for the mass market and on the large experience and involvement of the consortium partners in the different domains (mass market AGNSS leading role, aiding techniques, 3gpp, advanced antenna techniques, advanced GNSS algorithms, ...) a baseline has been discussed and defined, covering the principal signal of each satellite system. The starting phase of the activity will allow the partners to perform a trade off analysis, taking into consideration the market expectation as well as the impact the implementation of additional GNSS signals would have in terms of silicon structure, price and total size of the product. This will enable the design and development of the best adequate GNSS receiver to answer market expectations and customerneeds. The final product will be ready for the implementation in ALL battery powered GNSS devices,particularly mobile phones, without any particular requirements in terms of power of the user terminal.The whole system will be completed by an application to demonstrate the receiver, inherited from former FP6 LBS projects. Some forward looking research aspects, such as for instance advanced antenna techniques, will bring to the GSA a global view of challenges the mass market receiver world will have to manage in the future. The presence of a known market survey company within the consortium will guarantee the market viability of the developed solution as well as the market awareness, dissemination and exploitation phase."



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