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High-Performance ManyCore Rad-Hard DSP for Computation-Intensive Space Applications (MACSPACE)
Date du début: 14 nov. 2013, Date de fin: 1 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

MacSpace will research, innovate, architect, design, develop and validate a Non-Dependent High-Performance ManyCore Rad-Hard Processor and DSP Computer for Computation-Intensive Space Applications. When this 33-month project ends the MacSpace Processor will reach computational performance over 10x higher than the emerging alternatives, which merely set 1GFLOPS as minimum required for space DSP.The spaceborne ITAR-free high-performance foundation blocks to be developed by the project partners include: DSP IP core and software tools, MacSpace custom 51.2 GOPS / 12.8 GFLOPS ManyCore DSP processor, FPGA DSP computer prototype and rad-hard-by-design MacSpace prototype chip to provide commercial evaluation of the technology.Building upon the project’s disruptive research innovations marketable technologies, MacSpace will enable future difficult-to-achieve space applications requiring demanding computational performance. Those applications, unattainable with today’s space computers and DSP chips which deliver much less than 100 MFLOPS computing power, include Remote Sensing, Planetary Exploration, Scientific Missions, Navigation and Telecommunications.MacSpace has a strong participation of SMEs and brings together a savvy satellite company, rad-hard ASIC company, DSP industry (IP, software, FPGA, computer), research (benchmark validation, long-term perspective) and a collaborative management service provider.The project will make a major step beyond the state-of-the-art and beyond the joint EC-ESA-EDA Urgent Actions targets, as well as access the commercial market with a full range of recurring products including multiple ASIC versions and DSP computer versions adapted to the various applications. This will enable European space industry to get non-restricted access to high performance signal-processing technology, enhance worldwide competitiveness of European satellite vendors and positively impact employment and economics across Europe.



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