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High-energy dissipative soliton dispersion-managed fibre laser based on carbon nanotubes (DISCANT)
Date du début: 18 avr. 2013, Date de fin: 17 avr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The proposed research program aims at knowledge transfer from a Fellow with strong expertise in mode-locking fibre lasers using carbon nanotubes to the EU host who can combine this knowledge with own expertise in soliton theory and dispersion management for advancing the fast growing field of fibre lasers. The overall research objective is to develop new concepts, techniques and approaches to the new design of high-energy fibre lasers based on a transfer of the methods of nonlinear science into the field of optical engineering. The proposed interdisciplinary project will link optical engineering laser research to applied mathematics, nonlinear wave physics and nano-material physics.The academic profile of the applicant ideally matches the proposed research project. Dr. Webb as a host will supervise the experimental research in the project and Prof. Turitsyn as a co-supervisor will coordinate theoretical studies on dispersion-managed dissipative soliton fibre lasers. The project is split into four distinct work packages (WPs) targeting four types of research goals and corresponding knowledge transfer.• WP1 targets fundamental properties of fibre laser systems.• WP2 will create a platform for fabrication of carbon nanotube saturable absorbers for photonic applications.• WP3 will focus on demonstration of advanced practical high-energy fibre laser systems.• WP4 will aim to optimize noise performance of the laser systems and broaden their operating wavelength range.The proposed interdisciplinary program will make important contributions both to science and technology and European excellence and competitiveness, namely, the project:• will enhance EU research in laser science, optical communications and nonlinear photonics;• will establish an internationally leading position for EU in the science, application and production technologies of fibre lasers;• will lead to a new level of high-brilliance laser sources important for a range of applications."