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Heterogeneous integration of autonomous smart films based on electrochromic transistors (SMART-EC)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2010, Date de fin: 31 août 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

SMART-EC aims at the development of self powered (energy harvesting and storage) EC device integrating EC thin film transistor component on a flexible substrate for energy saving, comfort and security in automotive, e-cards and smart packaging sectors.The objective is to overcome the current limitations related to low switching time and manufacturing costs; the switching time can be reduced (<1s) by introducing nanostructured EC materials, innovative EC transistors and high ionic conductive solid electrolytes. Radical innovative cheap manufacturing technologies on large area PVD, inkjet and roll-to-roll processes on low cost plastic will be developed. These processes are fully compatible with heterogeneous integration of several functions to produce a completely autonomous device (thin film battery, PV cell, sensors and communication) with great added value respect to traditional solutions. The optimization of co-integrated (separated building blocks laminated together) and convergence (using same materials for different building blocks) approaches will allow to fabricate a fully autonomous system. The first step will be the optimization of deposition and patterning technologies in terms of processes parameters and in-situ monitoring to allow the high control of film growth; the second step will be the heterogeneous integration of the different building blocks to produce the self-powered systems for the targeted applications.Four academic and research institutes guarantee a high level interdisciplinary research on solid-state physics, material chemistry and integration; this will assures the proper technology transfer to industrial partners at all product chain levels (materials, devices and end users) for a successful exploitation of results. SMART-EC materials and technologies are original and will pave the way for future generation smart surfaces with great potential impact at medium and long term (flexible and transparent electronics) applications.



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