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Heroes of the Two Sea & Heroes to See" (Heroes2C)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2009, Date de fin: 29 juin 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Heroes 2C is a project which blends the interests of maritime heritage and social inclusion, by using three ships at different stages of reconstruction to raise the interest and develop skills of the community in the maritime sector.The three partners involved in boat restoration are joined by a fourth partner specialised in employment and training aspects. The Medway Queen, the Jean Bart and the New Belgica used to have different purposes (war, commercial and research) and will be restored by professional ship-builders and newly trained socially-excluded people. During the course of the project, the partners will open their doors to young people by developing educational and training activities to pass on their technical knowledge and share their fascination for the Maritime sector with students and trainees. To enhance tourism, the partners will also open access to the actual reconstruction so that the public can witness the workers in action and learn about the history in the visitor centres. Expected Results: What are the key results of the project?Activity 1:- Jean Bart site to welcome 2 volunteers a year for 1 to 3 months- 30 schools to access shipyards- 80 visits to schools- 3 to 5 technical schools to access shipyards- 3 shipyards to be linked by ICT- 2 technical trainers from VDAB, in UK and FR to train instructorsYearly activities:- 4 professionals from New Belgica to UK and FR- 5 trainees from New Belgica to UK and FR- 8 professionals from Medway Queen to BE and FR- 5 Trainees from Medway Queen in BE and FR- 2 professionals from Jean Bart, - 3 days in UK and BE- 2 volunteers from Jean Bart, UK and BE- 1 seminarActivity 2 & 3- 2 technical trainers for VDAB, 3 days a year in UK and FR- Creation of 1 network of 75 professionals- Creation of 2 reports - environmental friendly techniques- 2 workshops - environmental friendly techniques- 1 conservation project- 1 film showing reconstructions- 3 shipyards & visitor centres open to the public- 1 organisation to organise a visit for their membersAre all partners and territories benefitting from the results?Several target groups and beneficiaries could benefit from the implementation of the project. These include unemployed people, excluded people (including disabled people and ethnic minorities), professionals/skilled workers, companies, enterprises, tourism stakeholders, heritage experts, environment experts, not for profit organization, tourists, locals, neighborhoods, schools, technical colleges, young people, older people and the local economy (suppliers, contractors).Benefit to territory: It will help to integrate excluded people in the society by creating partnerships between not for profit organisations and public authorities. The partners are building replicas of Historic ships with strong history belonging to the European Maritime Heritage. By building these ships, the partners will definitely bring tourism, revenues and pride to some of the most deprived area in Western Europe.The Medway Queen is now employing 4 tradesmen and 9 apprentices. At the end of the project, the apprentices will be fully qualified and will be able to succesfuly apply for jobs in their respective trades. De Steenschuit and Association Tourville are working with qualified instructors & isolated long term unemployed people. The idea is to help them acquire new skills & self confidence in order for them to find a way back into employment. Building these 3 ships also benefit the businesses as all materials, equipment and services are bought and contracted as locally as possible.What are the effects / outcomes for the territories involved?A tourism boost will be given to some of the most deprived areas in Europe: The partnership's areas are not places where tourists, foreigners and visitors in general want to spend their holiday. By rebuilding these ships and the visitor centres, the partners will contribute to make these places more attractive to the general public. In fact, there won't be so many places in the 2 Seas area where people will have the opportunity to visit such magnificents vessels. By visiting schools and bringing them on site, we wish to raise the pupils awareness of Maritime Heritage. We want them to understand the history of their local area and to be proud of it.Heroes 2C will help to integrate excluded people in the society by creating partnerships between not for profit organisations and public authorities. By building these ships, the partners will definitely bring tourism, revenues and pride to their areas, whilst raising skills , aspiration and tackling unemployment in their respective regions.



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