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HERMES - Humanities Education Revitalized via Mundus ExperienceS (EU - ENPI East)
Date du début: 15 juil. 2013,

HERMES is an EMA2 consortium comprised of 15 partners who, while hailing from around the globe, all have united to pursue excellence within the Thematic Field of the Humanities. All partners involved are committed to offering their students/staff members opportunities to excel via acquiring language skills, as well as other skills and competencies. The partnership includes institutions from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. The consortium focuses primarily on shorter-term (1 year) mobility opportunities for students and staff. An fundamentally important element of the HERMES project is to strengthen Humanities education within 3rd Country institutions via improving the educational experience for students and staff.The project envisages 135 mobilities over two cohorts. 108 of the mobilities have been allocated to 3rd Country Partners , and 27 mobilities have been allocated to EU Partners. The consortium includes geographical, cultural, and includes peripheral and centrally located HEIs. It is also comprised of EMA2 experienced and inexperienced partners, as a fundamental element of the vision of HERMES is to build partner institutions capacities not only academically speaking, but also in terms of their capabilities to manage large-scale mobility projects that include multiple project partners. The project will support the EACEA's vision of:- Developing and enriching societies through improving the skills and qualifications of women and men through mobility.- Fostering multicultural awareness and a multicultural environment within higher education- Contributing and supporting the development of 3rd Country Partners through establishing long-lasting cooperation networks, engaging in knowledge sharing and capacity developing processes.- Promoting European higher education among 3rd Countries and working towards creating internationally transferable educational policies and standards



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