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Herkesden Sanat Herkes için Sanat/Art from Everyone Art for Everyone
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With the "Art from Everyone Art for Everyone" project our aim is to provide the youngsters the chance of breaking the prejudices against "so called other cultures", to support their self development, to help them to blend among each other with the method of learning to play and playing to learn method. This is a method that can make the participants proactive in the activities and make them to learn something while implementing these entertaining activities. Main idea of the project is that "there can be a common share among the people from different cultures and for reaching this common share people must let them to know each other". With this project, people will be in interaction and have a chance to know each other better, after getting know each other more they will be in common share. Our main tools will be cultural and artistic activities such as games, workshops, concerts, performances etc. In other words, generally the activities will include all the cultures of the participants in which everybody can introduce their cultures and learn various cultures. By this way of thinking we will abolish the cultural barrier between the youngsters, Also they will have more self confidence by the activities listed below, and have the chance of showing their talents, opinions, feelings to the other participants using their experiences. As a final product, we will prepare exhibition, artistic workshops such as ceramic, painting, photography etc and record them to the CD and distribute them to the participants and the local people and show them in our foundation day to reach more people. Also, these performances will be put on the website of the foundation. The project will take 7 months. There will be 3 volunteers (Hungary, Germany and France)



3 Participants partenaires