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Hemşirelik, Radyoloji ve ATT öğrencilerinin Avrupa’da Mesleki Deneyimi
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Health, defined as one's well-being from the spiritual, physical and social aspect is taking place among essential needs and rights like eating, drinking and sleeping. This right has been secured at an international level by article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and at a national level by article 56 of our constitution. Innovation and modernisation operations are being carried out in order to reach a level of health that will provide our citizens a productive life from social and economical aspect on the basis of infrastructure in the field of health, incentives and legal regulations. For, the need of health centres and health workers is increasing day by day due to reasons such as environmental threats, diseases resulting from malnutrition, aging population, epidemics and obesity. At this point the European Union cohesion process has an impulsive affect on the solution of problems regarding health services. The new job opportunities that will occur with our country becoming a member of the European Union, will give privileged opportunities to staff with a high level of foreign language competence besides professional specialisation. On the other hand, even if the entrance to the EU is not going to happen, the significance of the need of staff with features mentioned before is being understood when we consider the facts that more than 270 thousand foreign patients got cured in our country within the scope of medical tourism and that this number is growing every passing day. Our school Turgutlu Selman Isilak Medical Vocational High School provides training in the Nursing, Radiology and Emergency Medical Technician branches to supply the demand of qualified health staff in our country. However, although our graduated students did not face any difficulties in finding a job until a few years ago, the rapid increase in the number of private medical vocational high schools and which register more students than the demand has put an employment problem onto the agenda. While there were only 4 private medical vocational high schools till four years ago, there number is now over 200 and it has been being endeavoured to prevent their increase by taking measurements with notices and regulations. From this aspect, our most notable objective is increasing the quality of training of our school alongside with paving a way for employment in the sector by training qualified and experienced staff who can outclass their rivals in today's competitive environment. Our project will take place with 16 participants from each grade chosen from 11th and 12th grade students studying at our school's Nursing Radiology and Emergency Medical Technician branches. It will last 2 weeks between 8/02/2015 and 22/02/2015 The hosting institutions being general hospitals in Europe are the Klinik am Buergerpark ve Capio Deutsche Klinik Otterndorf hospitals in the city of Bremerhaven and Otterndorf in Germany and the Spitalul Jud. "Dr.Const.Opris" hospital in the city of Baia Mare in Romania and Szpital Powiatowy w Pultusku SP ZOO hospital in the city of Pultusk in Poland In our project within each flow 2 instructors are going to accompany students under the age of 18. During the conducting of the project methods that will be used are; surveys, observations and practices, project conducting which involves preparing reports, project management method which is going to coordinate the planned activities and which is going to evaluate the results that will provide sustainability. With the promotion method the promotion of primarily the Ministry of EU, the National Agency and our institution is aimed. This will be done through the sharing and announcing of the project results to large masses. The expected results of our project are; • the increase of the capacity and service quality of our school • the transfer of innovative and modern practices at hospitals in Europe • the improvement our students' foreign language level • the increase of self-confidence and the improve of their entrepreneurship spirit together with their socialising • to gain cohesive experience within a context of different cultures The project will have an Europeanism effect on our students with their personal and professional development. The long-term gains expected from the project are the increase of the quality of our institution, the integration of our students to the labour market domestically and abroad, to help and support the protection of the health of our nation.



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