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Helping Services through Leisure Education
Date du début: 1 juin 2010,

The project involves assistance within the Disability Services which is educational, therapuetic and recreational, and offered to persons with a disability, both physical and intellectual. Activities which take place include pottery sessions, life skills, therapeutic horse riding, arts and crafts, multi-sensory therapy, computer sessions with assistive technology, human-animal interaction, swimming sessions, animal park visits and adventure area. The project also involves assistance with fundraising events, both in preparation beforehand and on the actual days of the events----There were a number of changes throughout the course of the project. These were as follows:Edgaras Stangvila was supposed to stay for 12 months but opted to leave after 3 months (on 02.10.10). This was because he was given the opportunity to enter a course in Lithuania and he felt he needed to get a job and save money prior to this, and so he moved to Dublin and began to work full-time.Alicia Lopez also left her project early because she met a Turkish EVS volunteer who was volunteering in another project in Malta, and they opted to move to Turkey together. This meant that instead of staying until July 2010 she left on 5 May 2010.



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