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Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 1 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project 'HELP OTHERS - HELP YOURSELF' was held at the Varstveno delavni center in Zagorje ob Savi and MCT. MCT was the coordinating organization and VDC was the hosting organization. We hosted 2 volunteers from Russia and Spain, between July 2015 - June 2016 for a period of 1 year. Volunteers spent 4 days/week in VDC. Previous experience with volunteers have shown that the presence and interactionf of volunteers with adult people with special needs improves the quality of life of the VDC users as well as enriches their everyday life. Users like to socialize with volunteers, actively participate in different activities, volunteers help them with their everyday tasks, play different sports games, make them company on their walks, events and trips. The presenc of EVS volunteers brings the diversity in the user's day and give them something more in their lives. Volunteers had the opportunity to realize how much effort a diabled person has to put in carrying out daily tasks that are taken for granted by healthy people. Volunteers had the chance to meet different people in the VDC and in the local environment, since the VDC cooperates with many local sports clubs and other associations to prepare a variety of events. Volunteers worked with all users (120) and employees (32). Volunteers were involved in all cultural, sports and local activities that are carried out in the VDC (over 20). Users of VDC are people, registered as disabled under the Law of Social Protection of the physically and mentally handicapped persons. Employees are proffesionals and mentors of users from various fields who are working in the VDC. The experience of volunteering in the VDC helped volunteers to grow personally and recognize what is truely important in life. This experience brought the volunteers a new perspective in life and gave them an important lesson in life. Users got self affirmation and international experience. The second part of the activity (1 day/week) volunteers spent in MCT, where they had the opportunity to participate and organize various events for and with the local youth. The project aimed to: - to strengthen other organizations in the local community for hosting EVS volunteers, - to introduce EVS volunteers' in the new field of work with people with disabilities, - to encourage users of VDC and young people in MCT to acquire and strengthen competencies in the social field, in foreign languages and intercultural learning, - to promote international mobility among young people in the local environment, - to improve the system of cooperation between MCT and VDC within the EVS project, - to give users of VDC and young people in MCT direct contact with foreign volunteers and learn from each other and strengthen the European dimenssion. The objectives of the project were: - to implement the mobility of 2 foreign volunteers in Slovenia, - to support foreign EVS volunteers to develop of its own personal project within the VDC or MCT or common, that will be directly involved with VDC's users or with the local youth, - four days/week will be spent in VDC, one day/week in a youth centre, - to encourage at least 1 new candidate for sending EVS project. The results of the project are: - implemented EVS project at VDC and at MCT, - preparation of a new EVS project for VDC, - at least one new sending EVS project, - presentation of EVS project to all VDCs in Slovenia as an example of good practice, - 2 issued Youhpass certificates.



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