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Helloween v.s. All Soul's day
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Helloween vs All Soul's Day is a multicultural youth mobility project, which will be held in Ukmergė, Lithuania. It is organized by youth leisure center. Project partners: Coleguiul National IC Bratiaunu Hateg in Romania; The International Humanist and Ethical Union from Turkey and Slou Fud Ograzden from Macedonia. Project activities starts at 27th of October 2015 and finishes on 1st of November. The days of travel is calculated extra. There will be 28 participants, 4 of them - group leaders. The project aims is to find Halloween and All Souls' Day holidays background, experience of other countries maintaining national traditions, look into the cultural and religious similarities and differences. Project objectives: - To develop cultural awareness and tolerance to different countries; - To develop young people's national awareness, organizational skills and inter cultural competence; - Arrange a feast for young people in Ukmerge and contribute to the cemetery cleaning tradition during All Souls' Day. Participants will share their Halloween and All Souls Day traditions, usance and beliefs. In the first half of the exchange we will organize a Halloween celebration for young people in Ukmerge. We will produce masks from plaster decorate them and prepare garments, decorations. We will clean up abandoned graves and illuminate the dark path to the cemetery, thus creating a special atmosphere of All Souls day. Participants will gain organizational skills and will develop sense of responsibility. Youth with fewer opportunities will be invited to participate in some of the activities and the celebration. This way they will gain cross-cultural experience, which will help them to incorporate into future projects. Expected results - young people with stronger sense of identity, their own traditions recognition and familiarity with other cultures traditions, increased tolerance to other religions. It is expected to cooperate with the partners in the future projects.



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