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Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “ Health Y”is a multilateral youth exchange that will take place from 13.06.2016 until 20.06.2016 in the Razlog town. The project will involve 39 young people from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Latvia and Slovakia. The main topics of the project are healthy lifestyle, sport and outdoor activities, green thinking. The young people will get to know about the meaning of healthy living and its benefits, the consequences of unhealthy living and bad habbits and lack of pfysical activities. The participants will explore the importance of healthy eating, pfysical excersice and outdoor activities-each day different group will present its national sports or outdoor collctive game and all together the participants will play and enjoy it. To encourage the exchange, the intercultural nights as well as at 2 picnincs, the groups will cook national but also healthy food. All those recipes will be gathered together in an intercultural receipt book as a product of the exchange. At one of the last days of the exchange there will be a sport event involving local youngsters in order to raise awareness on healthy lifestyle and the need of sport and outdoor activities for youth in the modern techno world as well as promote the project and the financing program themselves. Objectives of the project are: To promote healthy lifestyle among youth by giving them a chance to understand its meaning and benefits better; to raise awareness of the importance of doing sports/pfysical activities • To “reconnect” young people to nature and promote their participation to outdoor activities • To present outdoor activities as good and funny alternative of spending young people`s free time; To foster the value of intercultural dialogue among youth from different countries and backgroundsAs a result of the project there will be a video, a newspaper with information of all national sports and outdoor collective games, the project, the Erasmus+ program; as well as a receipt book with helthy food from all the partner countries to be spread among local youth.



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