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Healthy Lifestyle
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Promoveo has the pleasure to introduce the Erasmus Plus KA 1 TC “Healthy Lifestyle“ which will be implemented in Slovakia in order to promote healthy lifestyle and healthy habits among young people in order to prevent obesity and pathologies linked to nutritional disorders or sedentary life. 21 youth leaders, youth/social workers, coaches and educators from 7 European countries with different lifestyles will share best practices, develop new knowledge, skills and competences. Participants will go through a NFE training program providing them with knowledge and tools to raise awareness on the topic of healthy lifestyle.Life of Europeans has changed nowadays and that has brought many changes in balanced nutrition as well as in physical activity of individuals. Lack of exercise is linked with many negative impacts on physical and mental health. Statistical evidence shows a significant obesity epidemic affecting in particular young people throughout Europe. Overweight affects about 50% and obesity about 20% of the population. The most affected areas are in Central and Eastern Europe.In each European country many young people experience multiple problems. Youngsters usually establish their behaviour in nutrition, physical activity etc. which becomes their lifestyle as adults. A poor choice on nutritional and physical lifestyle is likely to pave the way to chronic health problems for today's youngsters as adults of the future. Therefore European strategies on the national, regional and local level across the Europe are called for.The present project aims at empowering youth leaders, youth workers, coaches and educators by transmitting methods and peculiar NFE educational tools enabling them to spread positive values, knowledge and principles on healthy nutrition and lifestyle among youngstersProject Training Course will take place in Kráľová Lehota in September, 3-11th 2016. The project will involve 3 participants from each of the 7 countries forming part of the present partnership. These are: Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania.The target group of the training course will be youth leaders, youth workers, coaches, educators who are working closely with young people at risk of nutritional pathologies and are able to interact and transfer their knowledge about healthy lifestyle.Knowledge developed during the TC will be beneficial especially for youth workers who are working with people with health problems and with higher risk of sedentary life, obesity and non-transmissible pathologies. Youth workers from rural areas with fewer opportunities and sport facilities will learn new exercises, methods, activities which they can implement once when they are back in their organizations. Training course will be also open for people working in the field of health on a voluntary or professional basis. Moreover participants will improve their communication skills in English language and capacity to cooperate at European level.The aims of the project are as follows:- To transfer NFE methodologies to youth/social workers, coaches and educators in order to promote healthy lifestyle and active citizenship in local activities with young people.- To raise awareness on the social evil represented by the widespread diffusion of sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles among younger generations in Europe.- To strengthen European cooperation among socially oriented actors in elaborating and implementing activities related to healthy lifestyle education, in particular of younger generations.



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