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Healthy Life Style For Hopeful Future
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project will include young people aged 14-17 who are threatened with the problems of obesity, addiction related to uncontrolled using of the internet, unhealthy lifestyle and diseases of civilization. The project will be realized during the work in schools, mobilities, meetings with specialists in the field of dietetics, psychology, law, during sports activities, exchanges of the experiences, through correspondence and making the tasks which result from the schedule and from the evaluation of the project. Workshop methods, lectures, practical activities and participation in the physical activity will be used in the realization of the project. Surveys, interviews and multimedia presentation will be carried out as well. The aim of the project is to motivate young people to the healthy life style and to encourage them to do sports. We want to show them an attractive alternative of spending their free time. We plan to encourage them to physical activity, personal, not virtual contacts, to taking care of their body, adequate nutrition of both: the body and the brain. The aim of the project is making teenagers aware of civilization threats of the contemporary world and showing them the possible solutions and the ways to seek help. Our project will enable young Europeans to establish ties between themselves. It will improve the language and IT competences. An awareness how not to give in civilization threats will increase and so will the conscious management of their own life. The result of our project will be a complete change of the way of thinking and perception of the world by teenagers. They will undertake the physical activity and will change their eating habits. Young people will make multimedia presentations, blog, booklets, video films, they will make interviews, establish contacts with their peers from other countries, will get to know the support institutions in the crisis situations. They will also create the groups of interest and will organize the festival for the school and local society which will propagate the healthy lifestyle. The project will affect the changes in mentality of young people and make them aware that they will be able to affect their families, friends and extended environment. The project will make the interaction in motivation to a change of life style and will support the intended purposes. There will be an increase in cooperation with the institutions promoting pro-health attitudes and sport activity, and also with the specialist centres in the fight with addiction. The project will enable to extend its activities for local society and the cooperation with the local authorities. European funds will allow us to start realization of pro-health issues, which will be continued based on own resources after the project finishes. The interested persons will be able to benefit from the developed materials. The teachers will enrich their workshop with the new content. The blog of the project will be carried on and so will the interpersonal contacts between students. A student who participated in the project will have the potential to be a leader of the healthy life style in his environment.



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