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Healthy Life by Doing Sports
Date du début: 9 août 2015, Date de fin: 8 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As part of Erasmus + EU Youth Programmes, we’re planning to announceour Student Exchange Programme called “Healthy Life By Doing Sport”in Turkey/Ordu on 30th November-12st December 2015, which we prepared with our partner countries such as Latvia, Turkey, Albania, Romania. Our Project will be targeted for total 32 participants from Latvia, Albania, Romania and Turkey. Each group will include 7 participants who aged between 18-30 and a team leader also we will be considering the gendere quality in every groups. Association of society, peace, and we have prepared the sport of necessity and importance of the observation that rapidly increased in recent years participation in active sports life in the country up the difference in order to achieve a healthy standard of living "Healthy Life By Doing Sport" is our project; headlamps countries and cultures of youth participation with these cuts is not reached the community mobility of sports activities transferred, we aim to be accomplished through formal and training modules of the coil on the illegal elements in the sport order to eliminate the name of awareness creation and substance use as sports an effective material against addiction. Active sports participation in the country showed an increase in recent years in parallel society of unity, peace and wellness to achieve the standard sports requirements and visibly with regard to the importance of awareness occurs that we prepare to observe "Healthy Life By Doing Sport" is our project; different countries belonging and culture to young people with the participation of the society's reach could not be part of the movements in sports activities transferred, the illegal elements in the sport order to eliminate the name of awareness creation and widespread on the use of the fitness of an effective material against drug addiction and we aim to be accomplished through training modules of the coil. Among the goals of our projects prepared in this context -Only young people in the community to ensure their active participation in sports activities with young people through the different sections of the society to ensure the creation of this awareness, - we encounter more relevant to illegal elements (fixing, doping, racism, Holiganizm etc.) between the project participants and young people through the dissemination of studies carried out in conjunction with partner countries to create awareness in society about the country in the sport life, -Indicating the participation of young people from different cultures outdoor activities and sports clutch provision of unifying and positive direction -Sports and outdoor activities, indicating the participation of young people from different cultures and unifying aspect of the provision of integrative understanding, -Consolidation and the importance of active participation in sporting activities in this direction together with the young participants of the importance of sport for a healthy life change based on the idea that social differences. -Program youth, youth workers and voluntary conscious individuals' personal and social development as well not contribute to positive change in the mobility of learning they need to ensure order in the project process of formal and informal groups active in the youth field and to interact and after sharing the outcomes they have achieved on behalf of youth work the provision of setting up an efficient and sustainable partnerships with the way, In addition to the tangible outcomes of the program; -Through the activities to be carried out during the project; 'is not an element of cultural differences parser, a structure that enriches communities' between participants on the idea of young people stripped of bias with the creation of awareness, tolerance and humanity is aimed to the formation of the upcoming model individuals. -During the project, participants will exchange and brain stormideas about drugaddiction, illegal elements in sports, extending sports activities in diffrent regions of society and human rights. Also participants will have a chance to introduce their countries and cultures with flashmobs, cultural nights and travels. -At the beginning of our project output would be received after the project partners and participants; Volunteering and is located in the development of civil society consciousness. Effects we expect to occur in young people, in particular project participants after the project; wellness, tolerance, solidarity, on behalf of the inclusion of active aging and social life of the importance of participation in sports activities that they had obtained their own conclusions.



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