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Healthy Body, Sustainable World
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In this project countries of greatly diverse cultural and ethnic diversity come together to address unhealthy diets of our learners and their families. Thus adressing obesity and obesity related deseases like diabetes which is more alarming among our European minority groups than among others. The presence of a Turkish partner and one from a Creole background will secure the address to our minorities who merit special attention in our society. We want to involve our students in all of our activities like developing new and healthy snacks for school consumption, putting up a school garden to grow our own products, promoting entrepreneurship by selling the products from the garden and the self made new snacks and other food. Aspects of entrepreneusrship like legislation, hygiene, planning and budgetting are part of this learning activity. A school kiosk will serve as a selling point but our students will also go to markets and into the local community thus effecting a greater impact around. Social empathy will be enhanced by stimulating them to donate their profits and food surplusses to charity institutions and food banks, mosques and churches. In this way also increasing the impact upon the local community. The project also provides teaching materials on food, nutrients, food labels and eating habits both in the convential way by means of courses, practical and theoretical, but also in an informal way, applying improvising on Story Telling, competitions, fotography and Theatre work. New Technologies like creating new Apps for food waste reduction will likely trigger the interest of our students. During transnational learning activities students will show to the Project Community what they have done through Power Point Presentations, videos, food products, etc. They will cook and eat together adding to atmosphere and learning, enhancing mutual respect and battling xenofobia. Traditional cooking will be introduced again since cooking becomes a skill more and more obsolete among the new generation. Good and healthy food being replaced by fast food products. We want our students to cook again, also using old and forgotten vegetables, fresh herbs and local products. Next, Future Food will be a topic for our project. Waste reduction and Future Food being topics on the subject "how to feed the planet in this century? " which is also the theme of "Expo 2015 ". Waste reduction, application of food surplusses and the use of local products must be included into our action. Using a tap water fountain at school instead of bottled water will be one of our promotions in this sense. Each school contributes to the entire project with their specific competencies. The collective activities as described above will promote the interest of pupils and reduce Early School Leaving. Next, Early School Leaving programs among our partners will be compared and elements copied. Tests and inquiries will monitor the learning and motivation effect upon the learners and their parents. The colleagues at the respective schools will be informed on a regular basis and asked for help, advise and participation. For dissimination activities we use activities in the local community as mentioned above, school project corners and posters, presentations for the school community and parents, local press, Magazines, an e-book, a virtual classroom, a Website, internet like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media. Etwinning will be part of the dissimination activities.

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