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Healthy and active youth for a sustainable Europe
Date du début: 31 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 30 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Healthy and active youth for a sustainable Europe” was a multilateral project developed and implemented from Youth Council Prilep and 5 partners, and took place from 01-07 August 2015 in Struga, Macedonia. Bad and unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol, bad nutrition, lack of physical activity has a very strong influence on the health and well-being of the youngsters. Health is an important aspect for the well-being of people and society. At EU level young people are a specific target for European health initiatives that try to reduce those bad and unhealthy habits. The health of youth is very important in order to create a sustainable Europe. The project aimed to develop a healthy lifestyle for 30 young participant + 6 group leaders from 6 countries: Macedonia, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Albania and Portugal by involving them in recreational outdoor activities. The project focused on the benefit of participating in recreational sport activities, promoting tolerance among different culture, social inclusion and active participation of youth. The main objectives of the project were to: - Increase awareness of young people from 6 different countries about the necessity of practicing sport outdoor activities and adopt healthy habits during 7 days using methods of non-formal education - Promote behavioral model on the principles of tolerance, equality, fair, play, nondiscrimination during 7 days. - Help the social inclusion of youngsters through sport related activities based on intercultural dialog and equal opportunities. The Project involved 36 young people and team leaders on principle of equality of chances , we contributed to their social inclusion and help them in becoming active at the local community level. Our project encouraged and promoted participation in sport of people who came from fewer opportunities backgrounds. Their social inclusion in society is made by bringing them in new social networks, promote intercultural dialog and equal opportunities and help them gain new skills. Through sport recreational activities, workshops related with sport and healthy habits, team buildings, non-formal games, role playing games, reflection groups, flash mob youngsters will develop a better understanding of active participation, tolerance, and importance of a healthy lifestyle. Using different kinds of sport and methods of learning, young people from different cultural and social backgrounds are encouraged to think about human rights and tolerance as fundamental rules for fair-play in sport and in their life. The project influenced on 36 young people and team leaders from 6 different countries to become aware of the necessity of practicing sport outdoor activities and adopt healthy habits such as nutrition, regular physic exercises At the end of the youth exchange we expect the participants to be aware about the influence of their habits to their own health, to acquire skills, competences and knowledge, which they will be able to contribute to social or personal development. The youngsters were encouraged to be actively involved at a local and European level. The methods used empowered them to become more active and involved at the local community level, and not having a passive role. The project influenced to the participants respectively to gain self respect and contributed towards their personal development. The participants now have better understand in their role as part of Europe.



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