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Healthier Future Europe
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Description of the project:Main motivation to carry out the Training Course Healthier Future Europe is to provide youth workers a possibility to understand health and well-being, especially eating habits, exercising and healthy lifestyle, strengthen participants’ soft skills needed to spread ideas among their communities, share successful practices and support development of new networks and partnerships and contribute to personal and professional development of each participant. This training course will be organised for 35 participants from 10 countries. There will be participants from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Malta and Turkey who are eager to develop and strengthen their competencies in fields of health, well being and soft skills and therefore support their proffesional as well as personal development. Why do we believe that being healthy is so important for society? Healthy people are proven to be more effective, proactive and creative in their lives. They have more energy and tend to be more positive. Body is a tool that needs to be taken care of, people unfortunately do not know how to achieve it. People seem to lose their understanding of what is really healthy, what are the pillars of being healthy and do not know general principles how to achieve it. On TC, we first aim to strengthen participants’ knowledge in the field of health and then improve their soft skills so that they could effectively spread knowledge attained in their communities. Moreover, we want to strengthen participants’s knowledge on Erasmus+ programme and support building partnerships and cooperations.How do we achieve our goals?Learn the theory - Explore it in praxis - learn how to spread the knowledge - spread the knowledge - build new partnerships - educate the societyParticipants will among others:- Learn and understand principles of healthy eating, correct exercising and healthy lifestyle, try them in praxis, adopt them in daily life- Enhance their presentation skills, project management, marketing strategies implementation and communicating the vision to spread the ideas through the world- Strengthen their knowledge of Erasmus + Programme, project cycle under Erasmus + - Experience intercultural environment, gain new ideas, partnerships and network and get support towards work on new projects within Erasmus+ ProgrammeThe objectives will be reached through variety of non-formal based activities including debates and work in small teams, interactive presentations, individual assignments, problem solving, simulations and creative challenges. In the project, we plan to include reflection and feedback activities giving the participants an opportunity to reflect on own learning process, team atmosphere or work of the experts.Above described project objectives are linked with specific objectives of Key Action 1: Mobility of Youth Workers: to foster quality in youth work through enhanced cooperation between organizations in the youth field and/or other stakeholders and to enhance the international dimension of youth activities. We are convinced that this TC is reflecting on the need of youth organizations to have skilled staff motivated to work with young people and enable them to develop their human capital and build positive relationships through participation in various projects - local, national or international. Moreover, through participation in this TC, participants will also develop their competencies to work with colleagues coming from other countries thus the TC will contribute to reinforcement of international cooperation in youth field, as well.Through the training course the participants will raise their competencies in the field of health and well-being but also abilities to work with organizations coming from other countries and projects under Erasmus + Programme giving young people and opportunity to develop new competencies at international level.The set project objectives are also reflecting the key findings in area of youth work stated also in a report Quality Youth Work: A common framework for the further development of youth work published by European Commission in 2015.



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