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Health, Sport & Inclusion
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The international youth exchange devoted to the topic „Healthy Lifestyle, Sport & Inclusion“ in the frame of the program Erasmus+ took place from the 10th October 2015 till th 19th October 19 2015 near the village Volosyanka (in the Ukrainian Carpathians) and brought together 32 young people aged 18-30 y.o. from 6 european countries. During the youth exchange we have shown the participants that regardless of the hectic daily lives there are a lot of opportunities to keep ourselves up in a good shape. During various workshops, which were prepared by the participants themselves, we have worked on the topics of health, nutrition and physical activities. In the focus of the programme was also the intercultural dialogue among the participants concerning the topic. The aim of the youth exchange was to show to which degree a balanced lifestyle influences our psychological state and our work performance. Meanwhile we have managed to develop in the participants a positive attitude towards sport and positively influence their eating habits. The participants have themselves become active through sport activities, hiking in the Carpathian mountains and doing relaxation exercises and were feeling what a huge influence movement has on our body. The framework of the project consisted in looking into the actual studies on the subject, relaxing our bodies and minds and cooking healthy food daily. Intercultural evenings with traditional sport games, traditional food and culture presentations have made a contribution to intercultural exchange and international understanding. The participants have got detailed information about the possibilities in the program Erasmus + and have already planned new projects on the "project market".



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