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Health Monitoring and Life-Long Capability Management for SELf-SUStaining Manufacturing Systems (SelSus)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The vision of SelSus is to create a new paradigm for highly effective, self-healing production resources and systems to maximise their performance over longer life times through highly targeted and timely repair, renovation and up-grading. These next generation machines, fixtures and tools will embed extended sensory capabilities and smart materials combined with advanced ICT for self-diagnosis enabling them to become self-aware and supporting self-healing production systems. Distributed diagnostic and predictive repair and renovation models will be embedded into smart devices to early prognosis failure modes and component degradations. Self-aware devices will built on synergetic relationship with their human operators and maintenance personnel through continuous pro-active communication to achieve real self-healing systems. This will drastically improve the resilience and long term sustainability of highly complex manufacturing facilities to foreseen and unforeseen disturbances and deteriorations thereby minimising energy and resource consumption and waste.The SelSus vision will be achieved by the development of a new synergetic diagnostic and prognosis environment which is fully aware of the condition and history of all the machine components within a system or factory and is in constant knowledge enriched dialogue with their human personnel. The SelSus project will adopt a systematic approach, supported by a well-defined work plan. The work plan comprises nine carefully defined work packages. In order to guarantee fully committed teams towards comprising goals, the number of individual work packages is kept clearly constrained. The strong industrial pull for the project will be translated into a clear set of industrial requirements aimed at well-defined demonstration scenarios from the automotive and white goods industry.



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