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Health Interreg-Santé (Health Interreg-Santé )

Building on the success, structures and procedures developed through the first project for health professionals part funded by Interreg IIIA (045) , this project "Health Interreg-Sant's" is designed to :- Develop multi-disciplinary cross border co-operation in the field of health and social care through education and mobility activities which will promote co-operation between higher education institutions, hospitals, community based care provided by statutory, private, voluntary and charitable sector institutions.- Through exchange of staff and voluntary workers and joint education programme the project aims to facilitate mutual understanding of systems of health and social care and exchange of best practice, enhance professional and language competences and promote European citizenship.- These multi-disciplinary teams including professionals, student , educators and voluntary sector workers, will have the opportunity to exchange experience and further reflect on joint health and social care priorities identified within the regional public health programmes such as substance abuse, cancer, care for vulnerable populations, home care for elderly people and management of patients with chronic disorders, included in mental health.