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Health in Action
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Health in Action” is a multilateral youth exchange, it is funded with support from the European Commission through the „Youth in Action” Programme. The project is organised on the island Saaremaa of Estonia from 10.07 till 14.07.2015 by the youth of an nonformal group Xploreworld in cooperation with 3 partner organisations from Greece, Portugal and Italy. It brought together 28 young people (in the age of 14-16 years old ) with their youth leaders. The project had a special focus on the inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities. All the participants are from ethnic minorities and lower socio-economic urban background. The project was designed to create a base where young people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries, were able to share their experiences, opinions and learn new things from each other. The youth exchange focused on a very actual topic as a healthy lifestyle. The problem tackled by the exchange was the absence of sport activities outdoor and healthy eating habits in the life of youngsters nowadays, which causes a lot of health problems. The other problem tackled by the exchange was the communication barrier among youth with fewer opportunities. The project aimed to draw young people’s attention and to raise their awareness of healthy lifestyle, to follow the principles to move towards this goal and, of course, to remove the obstacles that they faced going into this. Combining fun, enjoyment and physical challenges the young people participated in various activities in order to promote social interaction and well being. This led to development and sustainability of a healthy lifestyle and a life long attitude in adulthood among participants. Youth exchange was based on non-formal education methods using the idea Learning by doing. All partners were involved in the main topics of the programme, creative workshops, team building activities, interactive games and all participants have to prepare themselves in advance in order to present their “healthy national hero” in cultural context. The youth exchange concentrated on the topic of healthy and active lifestyle, so it was expected a lot of activities, educational trips, bike hikes. Participants shared their own thoughts, ideas, experience and discuss cultural differences. All the participants received a Youthpass certificate, which described and validated all the experiences and new competences to be acquired/improved by the participants in each planned activity of the project “Health in Action”.



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