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Heal The World Through EVS
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Third Eye Association of Mediterranean will coordinate the project for wildlife protection, especially for the turtles who leaves eggs to Mersin coasts, the protection of the natural environment and biotopes in general. Among the most important aims of the project is to inform and sensitize public concerning threads and problems of wildlife animals, the simplification of scientific knowledge concerning wildlife and natural environment, the environmental education of young people and the sensitize of public in general. One of the most important priorities for the project will be the promotion of active citizenship spirit, the empowerment of voluntaryism and of the spirit of collaboration and solidarity to a young group. The above mentioned aims and priorities of the organization induce us to apply for hosting a group of volunteers We believe that since our organization already participated in projects of voluntaryism and exchanges of youth and researchers in local level the experience that we gained in planning and development can be introduced with success also in a european level range program like it is "Youth in Action" program. We will host 3 groups of 10 volunteers from different Countries for two month. countries are Hungary,Spain, Ukrain, Moldova, France, Jordan and Italy Youth trainers, experts for enviroment and enviroment engineers and vets will be involved in the project activities. activities from the weekly program; -Meeting with mentors and project coordinator discussion-briefing -Cleaning the coast where turtle eggs -Preparing media about environmental protection -Turkish Language course -Meeting with local people and informative activities about environment -Trekking and workshop with local youth in wild areas and protecting wild life supervised by environment engineers and experts -Informative workshops



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