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Hayvansal Atıklardan Biyoteknolojik Yolla Enerji Üretiminin İncelenmesi Ve Yaygınlaştırılması Projesi
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This Project prepared for necessity of Mezitli district of Mersin. In Mezitli district have 351 cattle and 282 ovine animal enterprises. In these enterprises people storage the wastes of animal without control. There is no special place for waste and located near the houses. Collecting animal manure at homes garden effects human health negatively, because of, its smell and harmful bacteria. This wastes can pollute water and air resources, also the gases combine with atmosphere air can contribute negatively to global heating and climate change. If animal wastes collect controlly and pass them by using anaerobic digestion system, this system will converts animal wastes to biogas and biofertilizer. By using biogas technology increase fertilizer value of animal wastes nearly twice. This wastes one of the potential energy sources at the same time natural fertilizer for agriculture. This project plans to increase knowledge to producing energy by using these wastes. By analyzing the animal wastes potential of animal enterprises and provide to know about biogas energy application in Mezitli. Purposes of Project: -to develop and improve ecological sustainable producing and enterprises by using alternative energy system. -to research the biogas producing and renewable energy technologies and to analyze applicability of these technologies in our county Lower Purposes of Project: -to analyze cattle/ovine animals waste potential in animal enterprises in Mezitli district. -to determine using techniques to convert animal wastes to energy in Mezitli. -to determine advantages and disadvantages of biogas system for our region. -to search places to build biogas system units and integrate to animal producing. -to determine institutional, legal and administrative barriers which effect to use animal waste in Animal enterprises Amount of attendance and Profil: Project attendance amount 20 person. Application owner Mezitli district directorate of agriculture and animal food. In this project will attend 9 administrative and technical staff, including Director of District, Veterinary surgeon, Veterinary technicians. These technicians will improve their skill and knowledge in field biogas producing and animal wastes assessment. Will attend to this Project total 11 manager and workers from Member of Corsortium Mersin Cattle Breeders' Association, Mersin Sheep-Goat Breeders' Association and The chamber of Veterinary Surgeons. Participants are who have professional skill project planning services and advising their members about activity. Participants work each field under the animal sektor that provide professional education their members, increase their knowledge and skill. Definition of Activities: -to prepareproject, Professional Mobility, Introdution Activity and Closed Report. By establishing Team of Project Management, then they make assignment Starting, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Controlling and Closing activities. Methodology of carry out a Project: This Project will start with beginning education for 2 week in May, 2016 in Sweden and Spain. Project will continue Signning Agreement, Preparing, Application, Evaluation, Disseminatoin and Reporting step. After signaturing Agreement will creat team and commission, will given information about appointments and meeting. Preparing part of Project will complete with information, cultural education and professional activities. This project plans to cover for participant international education and working program, travel and insurance, accomodation, eating, transport and another activities. Application part of Project will carry out by education program for 2week and will make agreement with partners from Sweden and Spain. Evaluation will do, according to project and participants purpose achievement, by monitoring/evaluation commission which generated by project team. Knowledge Dissemination to enterprises and farmers will do by using Presentation, Education and Application. Report part of Project will include all activities. Prediction Result and Effects: Obtain knowledge and skills will transfer to participants and farmers and will determine animal waste using potential to produce biogas in our district. If animal waste collect controlly and pass anaerobik digestion system, this system will give quality biofertilizer and biogas.



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