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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Although the supports provided by the state in terms of social assistance are often sufficient, they generally remain at financial support level. Problems of the families visited are being examined in detail by the social support services. But it is observed that the people who needs social support have motivation problems in terms of holding on to life. This is mainly caused because they lost the joy of living due to the lack of a target and the difficulties they experience. This situation directly affects the children in the family. The aims of this project can be summarized as examining of best practices for improving the psychological state of the families receiving social support and making studies to put forward a different solution path, examining the European dimension of social services, enhancing the competencies for participants taking part. 18 people will take place within the mobility activities who are the personel of Karaman Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies and subsidiarieswithin the directorate. The group of participants consist of personel who works in the field of social services, carrying out social investigations, and who are in direct one-to-one communication with those who benefit from social services. Social services in European countries is carried out by more regional and local governments. Our partners selected for the mobility are Alkmaar Uitwisseling Comitee of Alkmaar Municipality from Netherlands and Braga Municipality from Portugal. During mobility activities, best practices carried out locally will be examined and applicability in our country will be evaluated, how the personal development of people that benefits the advantage of social services is provided will be examined, studies about the implementation of new and different methods will be seen on site. Studies as a result aims these people to cling to life again, and contribute to their personal development. In addition, it will contribute to acquire new perspectives fort he experts from managerial point of view. In terms of possible future project work with our partners will be another benefit provided. After signing of the contract, project team of 3 people determined within the organization will begin to study fo the execution of the projects and they will be responsible from all phases until the end. Staff support can be received from the directorate where necessary. During implementation of the project which includes two mobilities, 9-person group will be formed for each mobility. For each group there will be a team leader. Ensuring coordination and communication with the central throughout the mobility will be the responsibility of the team leader. Also two people from each group will follow-up the program and carry out daily activities such as writing assessment reports, under the administration of team leaders. During the programming and the execution of the mobility activities, communication with our partners will be made with the appropriate media over the internet. Raising awareness and dissemination activities will be carried out by meetings about the Project, training and visibility activities.



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