Rechercher des projets européens

Hayat Okula Sığmaz
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

PROJECT DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES Private Gelişim Primary School has emerged with the motto of ‘Life Won’t Fit into School’. On behalf of the school community high expectations of quality is expected and the teachers are expected to improve continuously in order to develop themselves and their main objective is to raise students that are individuals who are successful, productive and interested in many different fields. This case creates an environment where teacher’s motivation is alive and also keeps them motivated in order to develop. Awareness of the needs of the teacher’s is also stays very high. In addition, our teachers are intended to request self-development continuously and willing to provide guidance to the students. In our project, teachers will participate in service-training courses which opened in the international area and also participate in work-shops in fields which they are related to. Specifically developed and updated, following the educational technology and practical work are among the main objectives of international standards to teachers who want to support their vision in order to capture and transfer them to the schools which is the main reason why they want to take part in the project. NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS AND PROFILE Project is planned with the scope of 6 schools coordinator and founder, 11 courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Turkish, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Music and Guidance Teacher with a total of 30 teachers in participation. Our institution is managing with variety of coordinators and this coordinator system supports the institution to move forward and develop all the time. Also the participants from different branches (majors) will acquire variety of experiences in these courses and this will be a crucial, important factor when it comes to increasing the quality of education as a whole. DESCRIPTION OF OPERATIONS Coordinators hold an important role in our institution when it comes to solve the various problems. When they overcome these problems, they must possess the strategic management approach that exceeded, acquisition related approaches can give directions on how to be a good model of leadership and helps them to gain many feedbacks within the activities. The training staff will go to the activities to enhance student motivation, how to be a good class, classroom to classroom activities, to get different methodology and techniques for English in order to improve learning and creativity in a classroom environment. These activities also include in class approaches and workshops. At last but not least; activities are also capture adolescent pedagogy. METHODOLOGY 2-year in-service training program has been established in accordance with the training needs. For the implementation of the project management process in a healthy way, execution, budget management and project installation dissemination boards were created. This committee will carry out studies on how the activities are held. Participating teachers and management team held meetings related to the method to be followed in project and conducted how widespread is organized. In these meetings, school improvement plans, various surveys etc. Scientific methods based or required by administrators and teachers were identified and specified. Also, the issues that need to be observed are given priority. INTENDED RESULTS AND IMPACT Participants intended to achieve present current winning contemporary different methods and skills, students' academic, social and emotional aspects of development and institution together with a European dimension is to contribute to configure the operation. Information obtained by the teachers in the courses or the teachers that participate in various courses depending on the needs will support the improvement of the school's educational development by transforming the information and experience. LONG-TERM POTENTIAL BENEFITS The participants that will attend these courses and tutorials results as school and individual level of cooperation, partnership and networking opportunities develop in the future. Important steps will be taken in the area of the European dimension in education and promotion will be discarded. With our institutions motto ‘Life Won’t Fit into School’, we support the idea of learning and teaching projects by contributing to the school’s future development. These projects will also open many doors for our students such as preparing them for the future life, academically successful, taking responsibility, discovering their missing aspects and continuously devoted individuals who take themselves forward and develop.