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Havacılık Eğitiminde İlk Akreditasyon Adımı
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Erzincan Cengiz Topel, Eskişehir Sabiha Gökçen and Istanbıl Bağcılar High Schools will work on this project together. Four teachers and 36 students within 14 -18 years from 10th and 11thgrade will be selected to work on this project. This project will take place in Germany in April and May in 2016. The training which we are providing our students with, is in accordance with international rules and regulations, which are introduced by European Union Civil Aviation Safety Agency ( EASA ). It is clear that if anyone wants to be an aircraft maintenance technician, he or she has to successfully complete maintenance training course from a school which can issue certificate.Our schools are not in the position of givingcertificate to students for we can take. To get to the position which can provides students with certificate, has to fulfill the rules which are stated in article 253. The 253 article is written in following websiteılık/files/mevzuat/sektorel/genelgeler/mekanik.pdf. If we can successfully complete this project we will have met some of the requirements of article 253 which will give us to the opportunity to issue certificate. In this four-weeks period, two directional project application, methodologically our students in each direction are going to work in both institutions for 2 weeks; therefore a learning in a larger scale is going to be accomplished thanks to the activities about nondestructive test methods in two different institutions. In short term, the expected results and effects according to our project’s goals are as following: -To make awareness of our graduated students’ competence in EU and national employment field. -To provide workers who are well educated and experienced in Europe. -To improve our participants’ language skills, informatics, communication and their self-confidence. -To enable to have more dynamism and synergism first in their present environment and then in the sector with more social, open-minded and respectful to different beliefs and personality types. In long term, after our country’s becoming a European Union member, our education has been expected to make our country leader and competent in European manpower market on aircraft maintenance with graduate candidates who are educated appropriately to the European standards and who don’t have language and cultural adaptation problems.



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