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Hasköy Anadolu Avrupa Yolunda:Hepimiz Farklıyız,Hepimiz Eşitiz
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of our project entitled with "Haskoy Anatolia is in Europa Way:We are all different, We are all equal" is provide professional development to our school staff and increase the European dimension of our work.Since it was established 2010, our school has not participated in any national/international project so far. This project will be a first step towards implementation our long-term Eurpoean strategy.As Hasköy Anatolian High School the main areas that we need to improve are increasing staff competence, acquiring new methods and approaches in view of promotion of equality and diversity in in-class and our class activities, examining how our European colleagues dealing with the probable problems that occured/can be occurred where people from diverse background are living together, and increasing European awareness.There have been serious prejudices towards Europe and European Union in Hasköy districts of Muş, which is an underdeveloped part of Turkey. Our prior aim is to realizing this project is that to break the prejudices of our staff, our students and other parties in Hasköy related to education by practicing how reaching to Europe is as proximate as making a project.We are planning to participate to the project with totally 5 people. We will realize selection procedure according to the criteria as we explained in detail in practicing part of the project.Our partner responsible for the training delivery, Amber Initiatives, is located in Plymouth city of UK, and is a professional organization that have been conducting projects at national and international level since 2005. This 10 days course is for those working in school education and would like have the opportunity to gain competence in promotion equality and diversity, and with the school visits we will experience how our European colleagues are dealing with these problems in their class.Through a combination of eclectic methodology with case studies, practical activities, in site visits we will examine the methods and tools used in British schools and share ideas with European colleagues. We are planing to implement the activities at most professional level with the road map of our partner, and we would like to reach the objectives and learning outcomes.



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