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HARVEST - Holistic Approach to Regional Vocational Sector-based Training

The project aims to provide a platform for SMEs to overcome communication barriers in international trade. The project is based on experiences from the Leonardo projects "INCA" (UK/01/BF/LA-129135) and "Solvit-BLIS Diagnostic". The new project has its focus mainly on SMEs in the sectors of food and beverage, agriculture and tourism. The first output will be audits for assessing existing language competence, skills gaps, degrees of strategic planning and readiness as well as preferred methods of training. In a second stage, a step-by-step interactive “road map” will be produced, which will enable the SMEs to overcome the identified skills gaps and regional language weaknesses. The third activity will be the implementation of a pilot training in order to test the developed of the materials in a 2-day workshop and a 12-week language course for company staff. The project targets at the broader SME community as well as at professional providers of language and culture services.



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